About Our Owner

Angie Bacor Smiling
Angela Bacor
Owner of Canitizers, LLC

As a graduate of Center Grove in 1996, Angela Bacor has always been an entrepreneur at heart. After spending 23 years in the transportation industry, she had the opportunity to be an Amazon Service Provider. After a six month interview and screening process, her operation began July 2019. In 2020, it quickly grew to over 100 employees. Her staff is a direct reflection of her leadership allowing her to explore other ventures.

Recognizing the opportunity to clean trash cans came after noticing the smell and unused contents at the bottom of the trash can even after pick up. An occasional spray out with some bleach just wasn’t doing the job so she began doing some research. There actually was a market for this and it was missing in dense areas such as Center Grove and Greenwood. Knowing that most HOAs require trash cans to be hidden or in the garage she started Canitizers, LLC in March 2021.

Through her years in corporate America she earned her Bachelors in Organizational Leadership from University of Indianapolis and a Masters in Management. Angela enjoys working outside, traveling, and spending time with her family.